Kittens, Kittens Everywhere!!

This kitten season has been a particularly busy one for me and the rescue I work with, Pawsitive Hearts Pet Therapy and Rescue. We collectively have over a hundred little ones in foster care right now. Adoption events at PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus are getting some adopted but there are plenty left.

This batch pictured here have been wonderful to foster. Their personalities are really developing nicely. They are all sweet and personable without an unsociable in the bunch. There are two litters here. The older set I personally trapped. The younger ones we got from a colony in Leesport.

If you are interested in any of these great cats, please message me through here. You can also visit to fill out an application.

This is Kendra, a super sweet dilute calico.

This is Konnor, a slender buff tabby with stunning gold eyes.

This is Korbin, a very handsome and very sweet marble tabby. He has to be with you all the time. He loves attention.

This is Marcus, one of the younger kittens. What a great personality this little guy has. He will be ready to adopt in early October.

This is Dorian, another very sweet little guy. Ready to adopt in early October.

And this precious little girl is Mina. Full of energy and sweetness, she has the cutest raspy meow. Ready to adopt in early October.

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