Anatomy of a Cat fight

Disclamer: No cats were harmed in the making of these photos. These two boys actually love each other and are generally inseperable, but they do love to wrestle.

So I was setting up my backdrop and lighting as the cats were milling about seeing what I was doing. I was planning on getting photos of our foster kitten to post on social media. Castiel, the Bengal, is always on the set whether I’m trying to photograph him or not. I had just done a few test shots for proper exposure and then Castiel started walking onto the backdrop. He was being his normal playful self and started chasing his tail on set. (first image) Deisel thought it would be fun to tackle Castiel and throw down. The resulting photos showed such expression on their faces. Castiel especially, who is a bit of a drama queen. The wrestling match didn’t last long, but I got some interesting shots of how cats fight with each other. Generally dirty. Note the image where Castiel is about to bite Deisel’s foot.

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