Many Interesting Opportunities

My first year in business as Roughtooth Photography has been quite an interesting one. Many opportunities have come my way and, always eager to expand my experience, I have tried them all. I have learned a great deal about the craft I have loved since my days of youth and I am looking forward to learning a lot more. From product, portrait and real estate photography to, of course my favorite, pet photography. Some say I am spreading myself too thin by not having a “specialty”. I say, my specialty is photography. Connecting with your subject and figuring out the best way portray it in an image is the kind of challenge I thrive on. Whether it’s a person, animal, motorcycle part, a 130 year old letter or a house, I can make it look great. Versatility is my specialty.

Let my versatility work for you. I take challenges seriously and will work with you to create the images you envision. Please feel free to contact me for quotes and scheduling. Thank you!!   Troy

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