A Great time at the One by One Shelter Grand Opening!!

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What great turnout for the One by One Cat Rescue’s Shelter Grand Opening!! Often when someone thinks about an “animal rescue”, their mind goes to an unkempt, malodorous and somewhat depressing series of small cages where animals are kept for an unspecified amount of time with the longshot that someone come along and adopt them. This shelter, however, shatters that mold to smithereens. Through an incredibly generous network of donors and administrators that have cats’ welfare first and foremost in their minds, One by One’s shelter will be the center that all other shelters are juxtaposed against. Walking through this shelter you will find well thought out, sun drenched rooms (not cages), equipped with ramps, platforms, beds, hammocks, scratching posts and toys of every imaginable type for the cats to enjoy. And enjoy they do. One doesn’t have that sense of pity that accompanies a walk through some other shelters. Quite the opposite. The cats that are there seem to truly enjoy their stay. The newly installed spiral staircase seems to be a favorite as most cats love being as high as they can possibly get. The event yesterday was proof positive that a team of like minded, cat loving individuals can make a world of difference when it comes to caring for these beautiful creatures until they can find a home of their own. I definitely feel fortunate to be involved with them, doing what I love, for the cats that I love. Here are some shots I took at yesterday’s event. Enjoy.